About International Assistance

The purpose of International Assistance is to provide communication, resources and support to share Divine Truth with our brothers and sisters around the world to learn about God and grow in love.

After many requests from people who have discovered Divine Truth on the internet, for assistance to learn more and share the truth within their communities, Jesus and Mary were personally involved in the initial communications, and assessment of both the financial and technical needs for such a trip.

Jesus investigated, sourced and trialled suitable equipment to deliver Divine Truth material taking into account the weather, the environment, and power and internet facilities available overseas. This included computers, hard drives, projection units, speakers, batteries, charging facilities and solar panels. Jesus provided programmed procedures for back ups and updates, completing the documentation and training.

Kenya was the first destination, and the team of Denis, Kerry and Paige set off on 30th April 2013 for a five month trip; their journeys can be followed under “Personal Blogs.” International Assistance is keen to provide travellers with appropriate equipment and administrative support to share Divine Truth globally.

The planned departure prompted the publishing of  the Secrets of the Universe Flash Cards and Mama Joy’s Rap songs, which can be found at DivineTruth.com under Resources: Education: English and Songs, respectively.

The Flash cards were created in conjunction with Jenni Heibloem – Jenni did all the artwork – there are 100 cards outlining God’s Truth covering The Secrets of the Universe, and are a great resource for teaching young children and when English is a second language. The Rap songs were written in collaboration with friendly spirits, filmed and mastered by John and Lizzie Swatland, with back up singers Sarah, Kate, Arvana and Josh – the most fun I have ever had. My gratitude to Igor and Lena for getting me started, one day  in the wool shed at Kyabra.

Personally I will continue to create and publish materials suitable for sharing Divine Truth – Books, Songs, Poems and Teaching Aids – the creation process involves friendly spirits, and  will always be provided freely. The material I write about is my learnings based on teachings from Jesus and Mary; prior to meeting them I knew none of these truths.

My gratitude goes to Mary and Jesus for continuing to support my volunteering in editing Divine Truth as part of the Records Team, and my personal writings which express my personal learnings and experience; they are published here in the hope they might provide inspiration. If you would like a complete copy of my poems, send me an email.

My life has changed substantially since learning from Jesus and Mary and applying these teachings to my own reflections on my life. Now that I have learnt this little bit of Divine Truth I am passionate to share my experience with others, particularly where it might help them get over that initial hump of denial.

My sincere thanks to all, and my wishes for your continued growth in love,

Yvonne (Mama Joy) Harris

email: yvonnejoyharris@gmail.com

phone: 0491 004 855





5 thoughts on “About International Assistance

  1. Hi dear friends, i am very excited to hear about your desire to share DT everywhere… as it has been mine too these last 6 months and more. I’m happy to be part of your effort team and help in any way. My primary focus and desire has been to travel to area’s and to meet people and share about DT and to share DT in French, also organizing film projections and discussions, now busy finalizing/printingdistributing liflets about DT and updating and maintaining a website, a blog, a yahoo channel and a facebook group. English liflets are ready and I’m getting french ones ready to travel to french countries too. I’ve been in NZ sharing some truth and am now in NC. But it’s all still in a baby stage…with a lot of desire though…

  2. Hi,
    I am so excited to see this
    I am not sure who I talk to about this, but I am definitely interested in being part of a team that is involved in international assistance and shares divine truth internationally.
    I actually went to Kenya about three years ago to be involved in projects in helping a particular community very similar to Javan’s and Susan’s . I came back wondering how to REALLY help them… and as my own desire to practise Gods way of love has grown I feel clearer now as to how I can really help
    Before I knew about this Kenya project I actually organised to have Divine Truth shared in a program called ‘education for all’ run a by an organisation called Tunapanda.. a couple of men living their desire to help people in countries where internet is difficult, have access to online education…. so they put together harddrives packed with university courses and the like… and I asked them to include Divine Truth… I didn’t actually ask AJ and Mary so I hope I have acted in harmony with love? 😉 .. it didn’t occur to me at the time.. I just felt like I was acting in line with my desire… I guess I didn’t even really think about it
    I have also been visiting Thailand a lot recently and felt similarly… I wonder how I may be able to be of real service there and share real love
    so I hope to hear about the teams schedule to visit there…perhaps I could join them?
    If you can help me with this information or perhaps have a discussion about possible future projects …. I would love to be there
    I also host many overseas travellers such as Woofers or backpackers in my home as an exchange for some gardening or whatever… we usually end up watching Divine Truth talks and have many discussions about the soul and how it works as a result of sharing our passions
    So excited that this may be possible

      • Hi Yvonne, Here in New caledonia, the local people are much more open to God and DT than the white french people and I have amazing exchanges about God and DT with all kinds of people in the street. I’m completing these days the French DT liflets (it’s such an excitment!) and will start distributing them very soon in Nouméa…very exciting and scary at the same time for me…I would love to propose some DT “secret of the universe” material in the local schools…don’t know yet how to do that… I’m happy to hear too about your plans for international assistance, feeling we’ll meet somewhere in the world in the future…Pierre

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