Kenya – background

brother-javan-sharing-divine-truth-at-funeral  peoplelisteningnewsfromjavanduringvisitBrother Javan and his wife Susan first contacted Jesus and Mary late in 2012. They found Divine Truth on the internet and have been sharing it with their congregation in 5 parishes and are keen to learn more so that they can continue. The challenge is that they do not have computers, the internet, or even the power supply to access the Divine Truth either on-line or by accessing a portable hard drive. their only connection to date has been by traveling to another town where the internet is available publicly.

So Jesus has been very industrious these last several months researching the best technical options to provide Divine Truth in a format which allows it to be shared with many people, portable enough to travel, and allowing for the hot conditions. The resulting solution consists of windows-run notebooks, portable hard drives for Divine Truth files and backup, a small projector, a complete sound system/speaker unit and rechargeable batteries to drive everything as well as a solar system at home for recharging.

This has been made possible by the generous donations of 3 or 4 individuals and the assistance of many others. To date about $35,000 has been committed to fund the equipment, solar system, government registration and to provide food for the 208 orphans who lost their home prior to Christmas.

Paige Willoughby, Kerry Foley and Denis Langmead are planning to travel with the equipment to Kenya when all is ready; when the equipment is ready, the training completed, the solar system installed and then the tickets will be booked, hopefully to take off by the end of April.

The time taken has not just been about equipment and training, but more importantly about being in truth with the people about their emotions, there have been several issues to address so far and unless the issues of love are addressed, there will be no trip and no equipment going to Kenya.

In addition to the teachings and practice of Divine Truth, there are specific projects which we would like to assist our brothers and sisters with and if you would like to assist with this, the Account Details are;

Yvonne Harris, BSB: 064 418, Account: 1024 3753

We have a desire to cloth the 208 orphans; $15 Australian will provide clothes and shoes for one child, a total of $3500.

The purchase of seed for the next crop is a cost of $4000.

And potentially the purchase of a vehicle as a means of traveling around to the parishes with the equipment, $5000

This is a separate account opened in my name which incurs no charges but does attract interest. This might be a temporary solution whilst I explore other options.

For more detailed and personal accounts of the Kenya trip visit the following blogs:   AND

Like this:



2 thoughts on “Kenya – background

  1. Lovely to find your blog Joy! It is really great work you guys are doing in Kenya, – I didn’t know much about it at all until I found your blog. Please provide details for inter, national donations like IBAN and BIC numbers. I wish you all the best!

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