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I did some research yesterday and have only just learned these facts – some of which are based on 2005 and 2009 data, but it serves the purpose.

This is the first time I have really come face to face with the situation in the world and my part in it. I have lived in a very privileged position, one which only a small number in the world enjoy and I have taken it all for granted until now, “taken” being the operative word. I have never really considered the plight of my brothers and sisters in the rest of the world nor have I seriously considered it in any way my responsibility to do anything about it, and certainly never understood in any way that I have contributed to the cause of it.

We in the western world are responsible for causing poverty in the third world.

Just my wanting coffee and cacao products has caused degradation to the land through clearing and agricultural practices, interference and contamination of water supplies, helping the rich get richer whilst keeping the indigenous people on an income level which can only be described as subsistence.

I have always believed in equality for all people and that everyone is entitled to clean air, clean water, nutricious food, clothes and a safe place to live. (Just didn’t see it as my responsibility to do anything about it). Whilst all these things are a basic need, they are also an effect and only Divine Truth addresses the causes.

Only Divine Truth addresses the causes. 

Whilst much of the cause for these problems lies with the Western world, the western world has ready access to the internet, has a higher standard of living and in some cases has the benefit of translations of Divine Truth and just needs their hearts to open and seek Truth. In the Third world countries where there is much less evidence of abundance, less access to the internet, subsistence living, and translation to so many dialects is an impossible undertaking, but the hearts are more open as shown on the personal blogs of Kerry & Paige and Denis.

Did you know only 7% of the global population (7 billion) speak English as a first or second language; another 7% speak Spanish, another 7% Hindi , and 20% Chinese (many different dialects).

Did you know there are 6909 recognized languages? Asia 2322, Africa 2110, Australia & Pacific 1250, Americas 993 and Europe 234.

It is pretty clear that if we want to share Divine Truth then we need to teach English.

Did you know that only 20 countries of a total of 192 (10%) enjoy a Gross National Income (GNI) of over $30,000 per person? Germany, UK, Netherlands, Finland, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Hong Kong, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, San Marino, Denmark, Iceland, Bermuda, Ireland, USA, Norway and Luxembourg.

The GNI is the country’s Gross National Product divided by the number of the population.

The next 10% with a GNI of between $20,000 and $30,000 are Malta, Cypress, Greece, Slovenia, South Korea, Israel, Equatorial Guinea, United Arab States, Netherlands, Spain, NZ, Brunei, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Italy, Sweden and Qatar.

The long term solutions to poverty are truth and love.” Mary Magdalene

Did you know that 126 countries (60%) live on a GNI of less than $10,000? Fiji ranks as the medium point on $6282 and that was my experience of what I thought was a Third World country, the bottom 100 countries exist on less than that.

Did you know that the United Nations lists 50 countries in a comparative analysis of poverty? Based on GNI, human assets, and economic vulnerability; 34 African, 10 Asian, 5 Pacific Island and 1 Carribean.

Kenya does not rate on the UN poverty list.

This is because there are some very wealthy Europeans living in Kenya and that increases the average GNI to above $1000 which is the cut off point in determining poverty. This probably applies to many countries where there are a very wealthy few who weight the average and disguise the real plight of the people. Both of these problems – the arbitrary cut off point and the effect of the wealthy on the GNI  – are really disguising the actual poverty which exists in the world I feel. In my opinion, it is like a facade to make organizations feel better because they can delude themselves (and the public) into thinking that poverty is a lesser problem than it really is.

My passion to create Divine Truth English.

This might feel like a big dump as it was for me and I wanted to share it so that you might understand my passion for sharing Divine Truth globally and teaching English – Divine Truth English. Imagine the first word a child learns to spell being G-O-D.

Before our friends set off for Kenya, I heard several people (including Jesus) state that we need to teach English; some of our friends Raj and Suzanne have experienced this in Bali where they support a college teaching English and Angela has experience teaching the Spalding method; at the moment we are investigating this system. Jesus has told me twice now, “the problem with existing systems is the ongoing financial implications” – costs for training and materials.

Ideally we would like to have a system which we can teach freely anywhere in the world, with all the resources and instruction being available on the internet, so that when we send teachers to Kenya and find local people who have the desire to continue teaching English we can instruct them and provide the materials at no cost, just as we would for Divine Truth.

Current progress

We are already identifying the 2000 most commonly used words which would make up a basic Divine Truth English. We have already started gathering resources for teaching Divine Truth including flash cards of the Secrets of the Universe, Rap songs, and have plans to create story books, colouring books, games and puzzles. There is a new Heading of EDUCATION on the Divine Truth site.

If you are interested: the next meeting will be on Thursday 23rd May from 3pm – 5pm

at Joy’s home 13777 Chinchilla Wondai Rd, Wilkesdale, 1.4 klms past O’Dea Rd on the RHS.

Please let me know at yvonnejoyharris@gmail.com or text 0418 895 656

If you would like to view Ange’s presentation on the Spalding system, just give Joy a USB.


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