Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

I feel like a duck – it doesn’t look like much is happening above water, but under water I am paddling flat out.

My quest to develop a program to teach English as a second language, has led to researching how little kids learn and it is my intention to develop the resources necessary to teach little children under the age of six how to read, do maths, and acquire encyclopedic knowledge as well as learn all about God, Truth and Love and The Secrets Of The Universe.

If you are interested in more detail about this I have a 30 page document which I can send you if you wish.

The resources to teach a tiny child to read will be the basis of the resources for teaching English as a second language.

As far as our overseas travelers are concerned, they have done an amazing awe-inspiring job of relating their respective journeys and all I can do is suggest that you read them. You will find their links under “Personal Blogs”.