So many ways to share Divine Truth

A life lived in desire is a life well lived.

As I reflect on why there has been little progress on developing the English program I was so passionate about, I realize that I am driven by urgency; so other projects have taken my focus for the last six months: principally the transcription and editing of published documents about Divine Truth.

Late last year we produced a play written by Sarah Wagner and featuring many songs, including a Prayer Song I wrote. Yes I am still passionate about writing more songs and plan to write more gospel style songs this year.

And yes I am still passionate about producing the teaching materials for early childhood learning and English as a second language.

On reflection, I am very grateful for all these ways of helping in the distribution of materials that all serve the teaching of Divine Truth – transcripts, songs and teaching materials.

Someone emailed me recently saying they felt a passion to write songs, develop story books, games and puzzles. I can only share from my experience – just TAKE ACTION or observe why I am not taking action.

It is only FEAR that stops me from doing anything and taking action in my desires is the best way to confront these fears and feel them.

Writing the Mama Joy Rap songs last year was really a two year journey, from first having a desire to write the twenty truths I would like to teach children about God. There were many Law of Attraction events along the way to keep prompting me on this particular path, involving many of my brothers and sisters, and I am very grateful for all these reminders.

I noted my resistance – FEARS – about doing something that I wanted to do and the judgement and lack of approval that would attract; also doing such a public thing – once you put something on the internet it has a life of its own.

At the end of the day just do what you love to do, just because you love to do it.


2 thoughts on “So many ways to share Divine Truth

  1. HI Joy how true I started to write and I love it! put 2 things online late last night and now there are a few followers, I didnt tell anyone what I was doing. I would love to be involved in any plays etc that you are doing. Love Denise

  2. Thanks Joy, for sharing your journey and inspiring me to take action!
    So much happens then.
    It is like going live instead of standing by.

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