1.  Resistance Written Oct 2018


I’m in resistance, what does that mean,

Resisting the four tools that I have seen

These four tools will ensure that I grow

Jesus said it – so now I know.


Faith is the first one of the four

Experiment I’ll find some more

Faith in God, faith that God is good

Faith that God made me so that I could


God’s Truth I have to learn to love

Truth is key to receive God’s Love

Personal truth is all about me

I have to see me as God sees me.


Emotions are in me to be felt

Some I’ve made , others I’ve been dealt

It’s really about humility

Feeling everything as God made me


Taking action is up to me

It’s my responsibility

If I don’t nothing will happen

Because that’s what I have chosen.


If I want to progress God’s Way

Making it real and not just say

I have to develop these four tools

If I don’t, I won’t – they’re the rules.


When I develop these four tools

Live in Harmony with God’s rules

Sincerely desire to love God’s way

Resistance it just melts away.


So many ways to share Divine Truth

A life lived in desire is a life well lived.

As I reflect on why there has been little progress on developing the English program I was so passionate about, I realize that I am driven by urgency; so other projects have taken my focus for the last six months: principally the transcription and editing of published documents about Divine Truth.

Late last year we produced a play written by Sarah Wagner and featuring many songs, including a Prayer Song I wrote. Yes I am still passionate about writing more songs and plan to write more gospel style songs this year.

And yes I am still passionate about producing the teaching materials for early childhood learning and English as a second language.

On reflection, I am very grateful for all these ways of helping in the distribution of materials that all serve the teaching of Divine Truth – transcripts, songs and teaching materials.

Someone emailed me recently saying they felt a passion to write songs, develop story books, games and puzzles. I can only share from my experience – just TAKE ACTION or observe why I am not taking action.

It is only FEAR that stops me from doing anything and taking action in my desires is the best way to confront these fears and feel them.

Writing the Mama Joy Rap songs last year was really a two year journey, from first having a desire to write the twenty truths I would like to teach children about God. There were many Law of Attraction events along the way to keep prompting me on this particular path, involving many of my brothers and sisters, and I am very grateful for all these reminders.

I noted my resistance – FEARS – about doing something that I wanted to do and the judgement and lack of approval that would attract; also doing such a public thing – once you put something on the internet it has a life of its own.

At the end of the day just do what you love to do, just because you love to do it.

Welcome Home Kerry and Paige

All Welcome –
You are invited to Joy’s shed this Friday 30th August from 2pm to 4pm

For a welcome home to Kerry and Paige, back after 3 months in Kenya

Joy’s address is 13777 Chinchilla Wondai Road, 1.4 klms past O’Dea Rd on the RHS

Bring a snack if you would like to share afternoon tea.

Please pass on to anyone who might be interested – all welcome.


Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

I feel like a duck – it doesn’t look like much is happening above water, but under water I am paddling flat out.

My quest to develop a program to teach English as a second language, has led to researching how little kids learn and it is my intention to develop the resources necessary to teach little children under the age of six how to read, do maths, and acquire encyclopedic knowledge as well as learn all about God, Truth and Love and The Secrets Of The Universe.

If you are interested in more detail about this I have a 30 page document which I can send you if you wish.

The resources to teach a tiny child to read will be the basis of the resources for teaching English as a second language.

As far as our overseas travelers are concerned, they have done an amazing awe-inspiring job of relating their respective journeys and all I can do is suggest that you read them. You will find their links under “Personal Blogs”.

Divine Truth English

I did some research yesterday and have only just learned these facts – some of which are based on 2005 and 2009 data, but it serves the purpose.

This is the first time I have really come face to face with the situation in the world and my part in it. I have lived in a very privileged position, one which only a small number in the world enjoy and I have taken it all for granted until now, “taken” being the operative word. I have never really considered the plight of my brothers and sisters in the rest of the world nor have I seriously considered it in any way my responsibility to do anything about it, and certainly never understood in any way that I have contributed to the cause of it.

We in the western world are responsible for causing poverty in the third world.

Just my wanting coffee and cacao products has caused degradation to the land through clearing and agricultural practices, interference and contamination of water supplies, helping the rich get richer whilst keeping the indigenous people on an income level which can only be described as subsistence.

I have always believed in equality for all people and that everyone is entitled to clean air, clean water, nutricious food, clothes and a safe place to live. (Just didn’t see it as my responsibility to do anything about it). Whilst all these things are a basic need, they are also an effect and only Divine Truth addresses the causes.

Only Divine Truth addresses the causes. 

Whilst much of the cause for these problems lies with the Western world, the western world has ready access to the internet, has a higher standard of living and in some cases has the benefit of translations of Divine Truth and just needs their hearts to open and seek Truth. In the Third world countries where there is much less evidence of abundance, less access to the internet, subsistence living, and translation to so many dialects is an impossible undertaking, but the hearts are more open as shown on the personal blogs of Kerry & Paige and Denis.

Did you know only 7% of the global population (7 billion) speak English as a first or second language; another 7% speak Spanish, another 7% Hindi , and 20% Chinese (many different dialects).

Did you know there are 6909 recognized languages? Asia 2322, Africa 2110, Australia & Pacific 1250, Americas 993 and Europe 234.

It is pretty clear that if we want to share Divine Truth then we need to teach English.

Did you know that only 20 countries of a total of 192 (10%) enjoy a Gross National Income (GNI) of over $30,000 per person? Germany, UK, Netherlands, Finland, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Hong Kong, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, San Marino, Denmark, Iceland, Bermuda, Ireland, USA, Norway and Luxembourg.

The GNI is the country’s Gross National Product divided by the number of the population.

The next 10% with a GNI of between $20,000 and $30,000 are Malta, Cypress, Greece, Slovenia, South Korea, Israel, Equatorial Guinea, United Arab States, Netherlands, Spain, NZ, Brunei, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Italy, Sweden and Qatar.

The long term solutions to poverty are truth and love.” Mary Magdalene

Did you know that 126 countries (60%) live on a GNI of less than $10,000? Fiji ranks as the medium point on $6282 and that was my experience of what I thought was a Third World country, the bottom 100 countries exist on less than that.

Did you know that the United Nations lists 50 countries in a comparative analysis of poverty? Based on GNI, human assets, and economic vulnerability; 34 African, 10 Asian, 5 Pacific Island and 1 Carribean.

Kenya does not rate on the UN poverty list.

This is because there are some very wealthy Europeans living in Kenya and that increases the average GNI to above $1000 which is the cut off point in determining poverty. This probably applies to many countries where there are a very wealthy few who weight the average and disguise the real plight of the people. Both of these problems – the arbitrary cut off point and the effect of the wealthy on the GNI  – are really disguising the actual poverty which exists in the world I feel. In my opinion, it is like a facade to make organizations feel better because they can delude themselves (and the public) into thinking that poverty is a lesser problem than it really is.

My passion to create Divine Truth English.

This might feel like a big dump as it was for me and I wanted to share it so that you might understand my passion for sharing Divine Truth globally and teaching English – Divine Truth English. Imagine the first word a child learns to spell being G-O-D.

Before our friends set off for Kenya, I heard several people (including Jesus) state that we need to teach English; some of our friends Raj and Suzanne have experienced this in Bali where they support a college teaching English and Angela has experience teaching the Spalding method; at the moment we are investigating this system. Jesus has told me twice now, “the problem with existing systems is the ongoing financial implications” – costs for training and materials.

Ideally we would like to have a system which we can teach freely anywhere in the world, with all the resources and instruction being available on the internet, so that when we send teachers to Kenya and find local people who have the desire to continue teaching English we can instruct them and provide the materials at no cost, just as we would for Divine Truth.

Current progress

We are already identifying the 2000 most commonly used words which would make up a basic Divine Truth English. We have already started gathering resources for teaching Divine Truth including flash cards of the Secrets of the Universe, Rap songs, and have plans to create story books, colouring books, games and puzzles. There is a new Heading of EDUCATION on the Divine Truth site.

If you are interested: the next meeting will be on Thursday 23rd May from 3pm – 5pm

at Joy’s home 13777 Chinchilla Wondai Rd, Wilkesdale, 1.4 klms past O’Dea Rd on the RHS.

Please let me know at or text 0418 895 656

If you would like to view Ange’s presentation on the Spalding system, just give Joy a USB.

Kenya Press Conference

Everyone is invited to a press conference for the Kenya project this Saturday 27th April at 12 noon at Joy’s home –

13777 Chinchilla Wondai Rd, about 1.4 klms past O’Dea Rd on the right hand side. The driveway is half a kilometer long and a little stony.

An opportunity to hear about all the preparations which have been intense for the last month or so, with technology, teaching tools, and rap songs.

Our delegates are flying out of Brisbane very early on Tuesday morning the 30th April 2013 and plan to be in Africa for 3 months, London for one month and then Burma.

Bring a plate of vegan food to share if you would like to stay and share a meal.  See you there.

High tech for Kenya

Talking sticks

Talking sticks

Sound system packed

Sound system packed

Notebook carry packs

Notebook carry packs



Sound system

Sound system



Little power and projectors

Little power and projectors

Power source

Power source

The equipment going to Kenya with the team is designed so that it can run on external batteries for about 6 hours.

Firstly the two notebooks, which will allow Javan and Susan to copy videos onto a USB stick from an external hard drive containing all the Divine Truth data, up to date at the time of departure. Then there are procedures for backing up and updating the Divine Truth files from USB updates which we will send to them to keep them up to date with the latest website information.

Then the two projectors which have a USB connection or HDMI from the computer and a connection for a headset for one person to listen; for a large audience of up to 100 people the sound output will go to a sound system complete with speakers and the ability to use up to 3 mics – either headset, lapel or hand held – all or which have been provided.

The sound system also has a USB connection so that all the audio files can be played directly through the sound system. Imagine sitting under the trees with a battery run sound system playing anything Jesus and Mary have recorded. Everything comes in twos (except the sound system) for back up.

Jesus has taken a great deal of effort into setting up the procedures to make the operation as simple as possible and also to facilitate training. The team has responsibility to provide the necessary training on the ground for all the equipment and the solar system which has been designed to recharge all the equipment provided; instruction will be required so that the usage of all lighting and fans will be understood so that the power necessary for the equipment will be available when required.

All the equipment has been packed into foam padded cases (like the ones we use here at events for the equipment). The sound system weighed 25 kilos plus the case another 25 – so day to be shipped off to Melbourne and freighted to Kenya. The other 3 cases weight about 8 to 12 kilos and our “mules” will carry one each as part of their 30kilo weight allowance.

Pictures coming soon.